National Ice Cream Day...A Rousing Success

On July 19th sweet tooths, ice cream enthusiasts and lovers of of frozen edibles celebrated National Ice Cream day.  Unlike in previous years, I was on the receiving end of a first in the vast world of ice cream. I was lucky enough to be among the first folks to sink my spoon into the new Cream and Cookie pints of ice cream from Nye's Cream Sandwiches of Wilmington NC. 

Until now, Nye's had been known for creating the most amazing ice cream sandwiches in the entire world. That's not hyperbole by the way. Once you have a Nye's Cream Sandwich you'll wonder how you've lived without them. Christian Nye, who started Nye's Cream Sandwiches way back in 2010 has taken things to the next level by combining his amazing ice cream with his ethereal cookies into pure ice cream harmony. 

With flavor combos like key lime ice cream with graham cracker cookies or meyer lemon ice cream with ginger cardamom cookies deciding which to try first is one helluva tough decision. In the interest of ice cream research I filled my bowl with 4 different flavors. I started things off with a silky smooth coconut chocolate. The rich chocolate ganache cookies mingled perfectly among the bright and rich coconut ice cream. I thought for sure this was going to be my favorite of the flavors I'd ordered. Had I stopped there it would have been but then I moved on to the banana nut chocolate. Taking the same chocolate ganache cookies and swirling them generously throughout a clean and fruity banana ice cream yielded a powerful foodgasm.

After the banana nut chocolate I needed to mellow out my taste buds so I sampled the classic vanilla bean and chocolate cookie combo. While not as adventurous as the other flavors its simplicty really allowed the pure flavors of vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate cookies to sing.  I wrapped up this little ice cream tasting with the rich and powerful chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. This was the most decadent chocolate ice cream I've ever come across and it married perfectly with the chunks of salty peanut butter cookies. My only regret here was that since this was the last of these tasty treasures I sampled I could only manage a few hearty spoonfuls. 

All in all you can't go wrong with any of these new frozen treats from Nye's. Whether you like big bold flavor combinations or you're more of a chocolate and vanilla traditionalist there is something here for everyone.